Virtual communities - advantages and disadvantages

· It is possible to have relationships even when people are geographically distant;
· Have a safe place of meeting. They allow its members to try and explore new identities and personalities, leading to an interaction much more uninhibited than in the real world. It is possible, though, they might not ever know each other personally, but develop a relation of true friendship.
· The disadvantage is that the members cannot be identified nor held responsible for their actions and words.

The virtual communities developed some mechanisms to operate and to be maintained. It is the case of the e-mails, of the MUD's (Multiuser Dimensions), BBS (Bulletin Board Systems) and of the Chatrooms. These are rooms based on text that allow its members to communicate in real time, of synchronous form, sending lines of message. They can choose the room or rooms that would like announcing hemp in his tastes and affinities.

Dichotomy Community Virtual and Real communities